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10 – Court’s In Session // Court Clement, Guitarist for Johnny Lang

Court is a Nashville native guitarist that is a self-proclamied “non-dreamer,” which is crazy to say because most people will only dream of the gigs this guy gets. His session credits include Colton Dixon, Matthew West, Matt Broussard, Griffin House, and Denver and The Mile High Orchestra. While hearing of his faith and the personal connections that help sustain his livelihood, we dive in to what makes Court one of the most sought after “home studio” session players while touring with R&B/Blues giant Jonny Lang full-time. We talk road life, session gear, tone, weed, and Jesus all in one episode! All rise…COURT’S IN SESSION!!


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Court is a wealth of inspirational knowledge in Episode 10…

“Authenticity and who you are as a player; not letting being a musician define your person-hood. Having those things be separate. Really makes it so when you go in and want to be artistic you actually have something to say. Because I’m not caught up in my person-hood being how good I am on guitar.” -Court on perfection in the studio.

“I look for music that makes me feel…I listen to Tool because it freaking gives me chill bumps. It gives me the same feeling listening to (Beach Boys) ‘Pet Sounds.'”

On people that don’t listen to different music styles, “You’re selling your self short by shutting out a fountain of information.”

“If you’re feeling like you’re in a rut, then you’re only in a rut because you’re not diving in and learning somebody else’s style of playing. It will inform your playing in a way that you are looking for.”

Court’s mantra is, “Instead of saying, I have to. Say, I get to.”

Check out some of Court’s session work (via AllMusic):

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Special thanks goes out to Garrett Lovell for supplying this episode’s music and of course our episode sponsor, Fat Bottom Brewing.
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