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19 – School Shouse Rocks // Phil Shouse, Guitarist & Entrepreneur

One look and you would never think that Phil would be an accountant. He’s not. Phil Shouse screams and was born out of rock ’n’ roll. Phil was noticed from a gig that David Lee Murphy’s management was at on a Sunday afternoon on a pedestrian bridge. The guides learn that you never know who is watching, and what makes your personality or style can be marketable. That show was a catalyst of a healthy career as a professional gun slinger. Phil has played with Chris Cagle, John Corabi, Mindy Mcready, Morningwood, and his last artist gig was Rodney Atkins of five years. Don’t feel bad for Phil, because he is the happiest and busiest he’s ever been juggling his own projects. Phil co-owns Thee Rock N Roll Residency and Mutt Merch, and as well as juggling his tribute bands. The Residency is a weekly rock and roll extravaganza in Nashville, TN that invites guests from the music industry to take part in. They’ve had people like Alice Cooper, Chuck Garric (Beasto Blanco & Alice Cooper), Mark Slaughter (Slaughter), Sylvain Sylvain (New York Dolls), and so much more. In recent years Phil has taken the Residency on the road and on the ocean! Phil has amazing stories of celebrity run ins and even deaths. The guides test out Phil’s fashion skills with this weeks bit, “Who Wore It Best”. Go to the SMIpodcast youtube channel to enjoy the visuals of the bit. Brandon and Jason dedicate some time to figure out the business of tribute bands, and the crazy amount of money and more possibilities for musicians. Phil’s story is awesome because there is some self discovery involved. Over drinks they discuss the pressure for players to be a producer, writer, or session player. By Phil’s own story, it sounds like that you shouldn’t put yourself in a box. In this episode you get to hear a taste of Phil’s original music project. Tell Phil what you guys think about the tunes. If you’re a player and struggling on what to do next or you’re just trying to figure it out. School is in session cause…SCHOOL SHOUSE ROCKS!



Phil Shouse (PS) dropping DIMES in this episode. PS, I love you:

“For a side guy, there’s the hat. That’s the guy I’m backing up. Be aware and attentive to the (hat).”

On managing a career in music, “You have to do more than one thing, but you don’t have to do everything.”

Thinking about the future, “You gotta do more than drink and sleep (on tour).”

“No matter how you play Roxanne, it’s about a hooker.”

Check out these recent projects Phil has going on!

:: Thee Rock N’ Roll Residency has become the longest-running, star-studdedest, Rock N’ Roll extravaganza in Nashville, TN. It happens every Tuesday night at Harp & Fiddle (1538 Demonbreum). Check them on the web at, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


:: Phil’s other co-venture is Mutt Merch, clothing line for four legged beasts and their human owners. Go to and email, and they’ll do BUY ONE GET ONE FOR YOU.muttmerch

With an idol like Lou Marini of the Blues Brothers, you know Phil is LEGIT!



Brandon Harrington // SMI Co-Host, A&R, Music Director, Video Editing
Jason Kurkimilis // SMI Co-Host, Lead Audio Production & Engineering
Christian Barker // Executive Producer

Special thanks goes out to our episode sponsor, Fat Bottom Brewing.
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