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24 – The Beasto Blanco // Chuck Garric, Longtime Alice Cooper Bassist & Front Man for Beasto Blanco

Happy Halloween…if you’ve survived the industry. If you’re one of the lucky ones left over from the vicious music business you have the distinct pleasure to listen to our gruesome talk with Alice Cooper’s long time bassist and front man from Beasto Blanco…Chuck Garric! Chuck is an industry vet that got his first big break from Ronnie James Dio to play bass for Dio. From there Chuck catapulted into the Los Angles metal scene playing and recording with bands and artists like Turd, The drugs, L.A. Guns, Billy Bob Thornton, Cheap Trick, Ted Nugent, and Don Felder. Can you imagine playing with the father of shock rock for over a decade. Chuck has been in Cooper’s band since 2002 and recorded on “Eyes of Alice Cooper”, “Dirty Diamonds”, and “Along Came A Spider”. In this special episode we hear Chuck’s inside view of longevity as a sideman, plugging into a scene, and even switching scenes. We get a sneak peak on what’s to come from Beasto Blanco as well! The new record is soon to be released and look forward to more shows for 2017. Alice Cooper and Rob Zombie are fans. How could you go wrong?! With out further adieu Chuck Garric…THE BEASTO BLANCO.



The latest Beasto Blanco offering is served up for you HERE!

Chuck on influence:

“Having as much influence as you possibly can, and not shutting anything down will help you survive (the music industry).”

“It’s so important, for anybody, to be able to experience music live. Concerts are…so important.”

“(Live Music) used to be a place for people to let loose and have fun…Concerts are so corporate.”

Chuck on living in Nashville:

“Diversity, musically, it’s here.”

“Stick to your guns, and play for the love of it.”

“Be ready to take advantage when your time comes…BE READY!”

See Chuck on tour this coming year with Beasto Blanco:


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Jason Kurkimilis // SMI Co-Host, Lead Audio Production & Engineering
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Photo credit goes to Chad Lee for the cover image of Chuck Garric.

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