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30 – Letting You In // Kris Allen, Singer-Songwriter and American Idol Season 8 Winner

Closing out this season with a real winner…Kris Allen. Kris is one of fifteen winners from the American television phenomenon, but Kris’s story is not one of over night success. Coming from Arkansas, Kris grew up with music around but he didn’t by any means start in the industry. He hustled just like everybody else. Until he casually went to an American Idol audition. The rest, literally, is history. We get to hear an update in Kris’s life and career. The guides discuss the real longevity of one’s career with the help of reality music programs like American Idol. Kris even tells some never before told stories from that season. He gives us a taste of his writing style with the bit Song From A Text, and we also get in the holiday spirit with Kris’s new music on this episode. Visit to see tour dates and to download all of Kris’s music. Including his recent Christmas release, “Somethin’ About Christmas.” We hope you all have survived well this year. Stay safe and we’ll return next year with all new episodes to help you survive the music industry. Keep up through social media, and subscribe in iTunes to download all past episodes of SMI.



Kris lets you in on some secrets in this ep:

“As a writer, if you have a song…fight for it!”

“If you think (American Idol) was going to give you something, then you were completely wrong.”

“I’m just giving you guys all the dirt.”

Watch the video for his most recent release here:

And download his newest Christmas album:


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