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8 – Whhaaaatt!?! // Pat Hundley, Hip Hop Producer & Mix Engineer

The guides are still stuck in Las Vegas but they got to hang out with producer/mix engineer Pat Hundley. Pat’s credits include working with Lil Jon, Yowda, Rick Ross, DJ Paul (formerly of Three 6 Mafia), and Fetty Wap. Pat has learned from the school of hard knocks along with some guidance from Bjorn Thorsrud (Smashing Pumpkins, Billy Corgan, and Monster Magnet) and has big plans for Sin City. We talk gear, his favorite studios, the difference between a producer and an engineer in the hip hop scene, and of course we look into what is making Pat the next big thing in Vegas. In Lil Jon fashion, we like to call this episode WHHAAAATT!?!


SMI Pat Hundley Web 685

The guides caught up with pat and talk situational mixing in this extra piece:

You can’t just act like a big time engineer in…Kansas City or something…you’re gonna hit a ceiling.

-Pat Hundley on getting to a city where you can have an impact, SMI Episode 8

Check out some of the folks that Pat works closely with, DJ Paul and Yowda:


Also, one of Pat’s mentors, Bjorn Thorsrud, testing drum sounds in the studio with Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins:

Pat’s biggest advice is to learn Pro Tools early and learn everything about it. is a great educational resource. The blog has great free resources and there is a free 7-step course to pop production.

Get some of Pat’s favorite Pro Tools plugins here:

Pat mentioned and talked a lot about vintage king audio for buying great gear:


Finally, be sure to follow Pat on Instagram and Twitter:



Brandon Harrington // SMI Co-Host, A&R, Music Director, Video Editing
Jason Kurkimilis // SMI Co-Host, Lead Audio Production & Engineering
Christian Barker // Executive Producer

Special thanks goes out our episode sponsor, Fat Bottom Brewing.
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