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S2.05 Funny Business//JP Williams-CEO of Parallel Entertainment and Artist Manger

We’ve never had a comedian on the show…we still haven’t gotten one. But JP Williams might be the closest thing we’ve gotten in two season so far. Prepare for laughs, money talk, and music business probs’. JP is no stranger to managing talent, but music has been the most recent in his long career as a talent manager. We discuss managing Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, and Larry the Cable Guy in the prime of The Blue Collar Comedy productions. The journey of an agent to the CEO of Parallel Entertainment, and the turbulence of owning your own company in entertainment. Jump to the present, Parallel manages actors, comedians, production, and music artists in country and pop. Artists include Ryan Beaver, Lance Carpenter, Zella Day, Alex Hall, and more. What does it take today for an artist from a managers perspective and how can musicians make enough noise to even be noticed today?

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I thought about making a timeline of JP’s career with Parallel…but why work to hard
Blue Collar Comedy, Roasts, and movies…you’ve seen at least one!
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