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S2.02-Bass, Bass, or Base//Michael Rhodes//Legend Session Bass Player

We got Michael in-between Joe Bonamassa tour dates and mowing his yard. We talked jumping back out on the road after a 30 year hiatus, and bass things that bass players love. We talk about the Austin music scene in the outlaw days, and Michael’s migration to the other music city, Nashville. I guarantee you have heard Michael’s bass playing before. With a 30 plus career in professional recording, he’s done it all and played it all.


**Photo Credit**- Philip Macias

The man has literally done so many sessions that they can’t even fit on a website…but here is some of his stuff: Michael Rhodes
See the master backing up the master:
Michael’s passion project when they can get in one room together!
Books Mentioned:

Sound Explosion!: Inside L.A.’s Studio Factory with the Wrecking Crew
Tune In: The Beatles-All These Years, Vol 1

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