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29 – Podern Fam // About Nashville’s Mike Rodgers + Nashville Hits Collecting Dust’s Donald Jenkins

Changing up the format a little bit to introduce you to two podcasters that are doing great things out of Nashville, Tennessee. First up, Donald Jenkins of “Nashville Hits Collecting Dust.” Donald’s show showcases a song that more than likely you’ve never heard along with its songwriter. Donald has a way of uncovering a story that can relate to you in any walk of life, and then getting to listen to a writer’s favorite song that they have written is just the sprinkle on this podcast treat. Nashville is known for its songwriters and for Donald’s show there is no shortage of content. Then, your guides have a conversation with The Honky Tonk Hitman, Mike Rodgers. Mikes’ career is exciting, surprising, and fulfilling at first glimpse in this conversation. Even to get his take on the music industry leaves you wondering if he should run for President! “About Nashville” is a podcast hosted by Mike wherein he talks to interesting people that live in town or are coming thru. He’s had conversations with musicians, comedians, boxers, and anybody else of interest. Subscribe to Donald’s and Mike’s shows and enjoy!



Connect with Donald Jenkins on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and via his website, and make sure to give “Nashville Hits Collecting Dust” a listen:


And check in with Mike, the Honkey Tonk Hitman, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and via his website, and definitely tune in to “About Nashville” a listen:


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