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S2.04 Riser//Travis Meadows-Artist & Songwriter

For years I’ve wondered, where are the Kris Kristofferson “Sunday Coming Down” songwriters? Who can make you feel their scars like the way Johnny Cash did? Look no further, we found him! Travis Meadows embodies those before him, and is looking ahead to the future. Travis is a poet, a thinker, and the most genuine songwriter I have ever met. If you’ve listened to country music in the past 10 years you’ve heard his songs. Artists like Eric Church, Jake Owen, Dierks Bentley, Blackberry Smoke, Hank Williams Jr., Randy Houser, and even Lynyrd Skynyrd have looked to Travis as a co write and the voice for the underdog. We get a tremendous amount of insight inside the mind of one of the best, tortured songwriters in Nashville. How does Travis even define success? Things get the most honest and vulnerable in this episode than any other episode we ever had. This is your chance to actually listen and learn from a survivor.

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A quote from Meadows:

“I have never taken a victim mentality; I’ve always been a get back upper”

“An orphan who turned into a preacher,
A preacher who turned into a songwriter,
A songwriter that turned into a drunk,
A drunk that is learning to be a human being.”

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“Uncle Buzzy” is actually Travis’ journal that know one was ever meant to hear.
Travis’ most recent album.
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