Jonathan Singleton Feat.png

Episode 30: Jonathan Singleton



Episode 29: Republican Hair, Castlecomer, and Music Health Alliance

Songwriters, Bands, and Healthcare


Episode 28:The Conversation:Gender inequalities in the music industry.

Cassadee Pop, Tracy Gershon, and Leslie Fram


Episode 27: Alex Hall & Tim Hunze

Artist and Publisher

MU+JC Feature Graphic.png

Episode 26: Matt Urmy & John Craigie

Artists and Entrepreneur

ZW+LPFeature Graphic.png

Episode 25: Zayde Wolf & Parish f/t

Producers and Artists

John Oates Feat.png

Episode 24: John Oates

Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and one half of Hall & Oates

Donovan W Feat.png

Episode 23:Donovan Woods

Songwriter and Artist

Barry Dean Feat.png

Episode 22: Barry Dean

Hit Songwriter & Producer


Episode 21: Relationship Goals: An inside look at Creative Nation.

Songwriters and Industry Professional

DN+DB Feature.png

Episode 20: David Nail and Digital Brains

Artist and Bands

DH+SG Feature.png

Episode 19: Drew Holcomb and Samira Gibson

Artists and Songwriters

JR+RP Feature.png

Episode 18: Josh Rouse and Reeve Powers

Love In The Modern Age

Jennie Smythe Feature.png

Episode 17: Jennie Smythe

CEO of Girlilla Marketing

Mike Molinar Feature.png

Episode 16: Mike Molinar

General Manager, Big Machine Music

MS+GH Feature Graphic.png

Episode 15: Mando Saenz & Greyhounds

Texas Songwriters and Duo

DE+SP Feature.png

Episode 14: Skating Polly & Daniel Ellsworth + The Great Lakes

Indie Bands

Drew Kennedy Feature.png

Episode 13: Drew Kennedy

Artist and Songwriter


Episode 12: Jeff Hyde & Josh Jenkins


CH+PB Feature Graphic.png

Episode 11: Paul Bogart & Chris Hennessee

Country Music Artists and Songwriters

KB+AZ Feature.png

Episode 10: Andrea Zonn & Kelleigh Bannen

Celebrated Musician & Artist's

Gaelynn Lea Feature.png

Episode 9: Gaelynn Lea

Artist & Songwriter

Exile Feature.png

Episode 8: Exile & Taylor Phelan


Steve Moakler Feature.png

Episode 7:Steve Moakler

Artist & Songwriter

Femke Weidema Feature.png

Episode 6: Femke Weidema & Paul McDonald

Producer, Songwriters, and Artists

Brandy Clark Feature.png

Episode 5: Brandy Clark

Artist & Songwriter

Company of Theives Feature.png

Episode 4: Company of Thieves and Daniel Ellsworth + The Great Lakes

Indie, Rock Bands

Episode 3: Tyminski

Artist, Instrumentalist, & Songwriter

Phil Madeira Feature.png

Episode 2: Phil Madeira & Sam Lewis

Artists and Songwriters

Walker Hayes Feature.png

Episode 1: Walker Hayes & Jeff Hyde

Artists and Songwriters