Walker Hayes & Jeff Hyde

Season 3 Episode 1

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Artists & Songwriters

Walker Hayes is smashing the charts with songs like, "You Broke Up With Me" and "Craig", but things always haven't been as easy as it sounds.  If you thought second chances were impossible in music, Walker's path will make you think that a comeback isn't just for sports movies.  Armed with a great team, and co-writers like Shane McAnally, and headlining his first tour.  There's no stopping the Ironman with flow.  Also, I'm sharing a little tease of Eric Church's co-writer and utility player-Jeff Hyde.  Jeff released Norman Rockwell World and so he told me the inspiration behind some of the records songs.  Stream and download Walker and Jeff's music everywhere music is streamed.  Follow Walker @walkerhayes on Instagram and Twitter, and visit www.walkerhayes.com for merch and dates.  Then follow Jeff @jeffhydemusic on Facebook and visit his site at www.jeffhydemusic.com. For all show notes and name drops visit www.smipodcast.com

I literally had wrestling matches with my dream.
— Walker Hayes

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boom. [Explicit]
Monument Records
Norman Rockwell World
Jeff Hyde Records